When it comes to capturing important Las Vegas moments, we not only invented the industry, we mastered the art.


Each year thousands of people visit Las Vegas for special occasions. It might be a wedding anniversary, a weekend with friends, a bachelor/bachelorette party or proposal. Over the years Cashman Photo has captured millions of these moments in showrooms and the finest restaurants up and down the Las Vegas Strip.


Our photographers meld seamlessly into our hosts’ venues, whether they are showrooms or dining rooms, discreetly asking guests if they would like their photos taken. Then before dessert or the encore their photos are printed with a vignette of the location and beautifully packaged in plush albums. These guests planned their Las Vegas trips but they may have never thought of finding a photographer to chronical the important occasion. Yet Cashman Photo, with the help of our showroom and restaurant partners, is there to enhance the experience and provide a tangible memory to take away.


Our photos and our guests’ keepsakes now dot every corner of the globe. For some people they might only be photos, but for millions more they are memories that will last forever.

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