Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an important part of any Las Vegas wedding and Cashman Photo captures more than 8,000 weddings for happy couples each and every year. Yet the most important couple is always you.


With our decades of experience we have learned a wedding photo is only as good as the photographer who captures it. This is why Cashman Photo is the exclusive preferred photography partner for many Las Vegas chapels and other upscale wedding venues.


Our staff of professionals are constantly honing their skills and perfecting the signature shots at every wedding location in Las Vegas. We strive to master the greenery around the pool at Mandalay Bay, the Gondolas at the Venetian and every location in between. Our knowledge of each property is unrivaled. We know all the best locations to visit for the most romantic photos in the most intimate settings.


Your experience may begin with a professional photo consultant communicating a keen desire to learn the details of your wedding from the number of people in your bridal party to the starting time of your reception and if you are having an East Coast or West Coast first dance. We also try to get to know you and your personality, matching you with the photographer best able to match your personal style.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a thousand pictures. And Cashman Photo offers a complete menu of wedding cinematic services, enabling our couples to relive their Las Vegas wedding over and over again. Our variety of packages and styles, combined with your unique Las Vegas wedding location, ensures your wedding video will be uniquely your own.