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Special Events

Nobody captures more Las Vegas events than Cashman Photo. We are the leader in Las Vegas corporate event photography, shooting hundreds of events each year. Our list of clients is unparalleled and dotted with countless Fortune 500 companies. More than mere shooters, we work with our clients to create truly unique event photography experiences.


Las Vegas special events photography is evolving from taking “newsletter” pictures of as many attendees as possible to other more entertaining or business-oriented goals.

Now photography is part of the entertainment, often with elaborate sets and photos printed within moments. Imagery is now being delivered instantly via email, texts or through social media sites. Cashman Photo’s menu of services is constantly growing as we work to stay ahead of the competition by delivering superior imagery in every imaginable way.


We are increasingly tasked with capturing the energy in the room and the essence of an event to help promote future programs. This is a skill our stable of professional Corporate Event Photographers have honed to a fine point.

As the industry leader, we shoot regularly in almost every Las Vegas hotel and meeting space, and we shoot with minimal testing and no guessing. With experience in every Las Vegas hotel as our guide we have the ability to adapt to nearly any situation.

Our roll of accolades is nearly as long as our lineage.


Our team of seasoned photographers is large enough to handle any Las Vegas event with a level of professionalism ensuring a high level of customer service.  No event is to big, and no program is to small to command our full attention.


Cashman Photo is a proud member of the Las Vegas community. As such, we shoot numerous events for a variety of nonprofit groups across the valley.

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