At Cashman Photo Magic it’s all about the faces. We put our customer’s faces into heirlooms and unique gifts you can’t get anywhere else. We place their faces into the Las Vegas photos of their dreams, be they showgirls, Elvis, Chippendales, a wedding photo, the cover of Playboy Magazine or any one of our hundreds of options. Of course, we want all of our guests to look their best, so we brighten your eyes and perhaps brighten your teeth to make the perfect magazine-quality photo. The process is both fun and lively as our experts interact with our guests. All of this is done within seconds before your eyes so you can watch the wizardry of Photo Magic as it happens.


For our customers requiring something with a little more animation, we create some of the best bobbleheads in the business. The level of detail is incredible! Each head is created and painted by hand, ensuring a team of artists match hair color and skin tones. A photo of the head is sent to you for approval before completion, so you know you are going to get a fun keepsake you will cherish forever. And our selection of bodies is unrivaled in the industry.


Of course, we are a photography company, so we are here to help the amateur photographer with any vacation camera needs. If your battery dies or you left your extra memory cards at home, rest assured! Cashman Photo Magic has what you need!


Coming Soon!


Get ready to see a miniature you! Using the newest technology around we will soon be able to print a 3-D model of yourself and/or your loved ones. Imagine how statuesque you will look at a mere eight inches tall.

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