Las Vegas Photo Safari


To the first time Las Vegas visitor, the city can be overwhelming.  There is so much to see.  You want to try your luck, see some shows, do some shopping and sample some gourmet meals.  Then there are all the other things you need to see.  Your coworkers says to check out the Dolphins. Your college roommate wants a picture of a showgirl, and you simply must have some neon in there somewhere.

Take a tip from Cashman Photo Enterprises and enjoy this list of “must see”s and hidden treasures.  Many of these sites you can snap with your camera phone.  For others, you might want to use a professional.


 Bellagio Fountains


The fountains outside the Bellagio front door get a lot of much deserved attention.  They are simply beautiful, and the magnitude of the show is awe inspiring.  You get a great view from the Fontana Lounge inside the resort, but the resort makes a great backdrop, which is why most people prefer the view from the sidewalk.


 Bellagio Conservatory


While the water outside is a huge attraction, the fauna inside is equally beautiful; and best of all, you don’t have to wait for the show to begin.  The conservatory changes seasonally, so this is a stop you can make each time you visit Las Vegas.  You might find a statue of Budda one time, and see polar bears the next.  The size and variety in the exhibit makes for not one but several photo opportunities.  You might try visiting during the day one time and at night on your next trip.  The natural light is wonderful during the day, while lighting effects accentuate some characteristics after dark.




Las Vegas has some of the more beautiful buildings in the world… then we copied the rest.  Visit the Luxor and take a picture in front of the pyramid or the Sphinx.  One block down, and you’ll find a castle.  Cross the street and find the New York skyline with the well photographed Statue of Liberty.  One long block later and you’ll find the Eifel Tower.  A little farther down the strip and Venice comes into view.

Snap a few shots up close with some crazy angles, or get something more complete from across the street.




Las Vegas has some of the most stunning interiors of any public buildings.  Each is worthy of several photos.  The newest property to open is no different.  The Cosmopolitan provides too many beautiful backdrops to count.  There is crystal everywhere, but you’ll end up taking a few shots of some chairs while you are there.


 In or Out


We aren’t sure if this counts as interior or exterior architecture, but the statue of Lenin at Red Square inside Mandalay Bay draws a lot of camera flashes.


 Elvis is in the Building


No Las Vegas camera excursion is complete without an Elvis sighting.  In City Center you’ll find Aria and the Cirque show, Viva Elvis.  The statue of the king just outside the showroom makes a great subject with the amazing theater in the background.


 Crazy Girls


Since you are taking pictures of statues, head to the Riviera for a shot of the bronze Crazy Girls piece.  It doesn’t exude the same feelings as the Statue of Liberty, or the Sphynx, but you’ll find you aren’t the only one taking a quick pic.




Stroll through the Venetian and you’ll quickly come across the Grand Canal Shoppes and the gondolas complete with singing gondoliers.  It’s easy enough to take a few pictures here.  Lighting is good and you rarely have to fight the crowds.  But the picture is a lot more fun if you are in it.  For a fee you can travel the canals and be serenaded by your gondolier.  Professional photographers will take your picture for you, eliminating the worry of trusting some stranger to take capture your memories.




If Italian boats aren’t enough, venture across the street and take a few pictures of the pirate ships at Treasure Island.  Lighting can be a little tricky with the ships at opposite ends of the building.  You definitely want to visit in the morning for the best natural light and lightest crowds.

We’ll follow this blog entry with another featuring some wildlife and lesser known locales.  Please send us your ideas through our facebook page.