Green Screen

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography

Have you ever kissed a dolphin?  Fought off a T-rex? Perhaps you have held a white tiger cub or braced for an attack from a great white shark.  These are some of the many exciting memories we capture at Cashman Photo’s multiple green screen locations.


Cashman Photo operates all of the largest green screen operations in Las Vegas, sending countless Las Vegas tourists and conventioneers home with the perfect souvenir photo of their Las Vegas memories, even if it was only pretend.  Our skilled photographers use only commercial cameras and professional lighting and industry-leading green screen technology to make sure your Las Vegas photos are perfect every time.  Some of our more popular options include the Las Vegas Skyline and the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.


Cashman Photo has the largest and busiest green screen operations in Las Vegas because our photographs are fun and interactive.  We get our guests into the picture and into the attraction they are visiting, even if it’s beneath the ocean or in a jungle.

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