Special Event Photography

Special Event Photography – Keeping Up With The Jones


Special Event Photography – Keeping Up With The Jones

We are always asked, “What kind of competition do you have in the world of special event photography?” Our answer is always the same. “The competition is brutal and none of it comes from photographers.”


Of course, this raises some eye brows, before we pull out our phones and show them the real competition; the camera phone.


In today’s world if you didn’t share the event on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (Snapchat for the younger crowd) the event almost didn’t happen. People are constantly updating their status with poor quality pictures of a party they are attending, or a meeting they are forced to sit through.


In their defense, the camera phones are getting better each year. But they still can’t compete with a professional camera and somebody who knows how to use it.
The camera phone has its limits. First, it seems to only shoot great photos when, and only when, the light is directly behind the shooter. Those little flashes are powerful, but nowhere near what they need to be in order to compete with all the fun lights in a party. The file sizes keep getting bigger, but the sensors remain tiny, limiting the amateur’s capabilities.


The professional photographer with his expensive equipment has his own challenges. More and more people are settling for “good enough” because professional grade cameras can’t post to Facebook directly from the camera.


It’s the instant sharing many photography companies find to be crushing.


But at Cashman Photo we put our heads together and found a way to get our professional photos into the hands of the special event attendees almost instantly. We plugged together several pieces of hardware and software to create a wireless network capable of sending photos to phones and desk tops, and we are able to add overlays and templates to the images in the process. These templates and the messages we include in the delivery are important. They add a touch of historical significance to the image, increasing its value. And they ensure all our clients send their guests home with branded memories in their heads and phones.
Equally important, the world doesn’t have to settle for “good enough” anymore. Professional photography lands on their phones faster than they can share them. And the photos can be from almost any kind of photography including photo booths, professional portrait stations (a la Linked In), even strolling or candid photographers.


Some of our brothers and sisters in the industry try to accomplish the same thing using tablets with small lenses added to them. At a glance, they are cool, but they still can’t compare to a professional photographer and a real camera.


In the world of special event photography keeping up with the times means keeping up with the Jones. Not Jones Photography Company, but Jones our next door neighbors. It’s not always easy keeping up with the Jones, but it’s always fun. It keeps us on our toes and constantly innovating.
See you at the next corporate event.