Special Event Photography

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Extraordinary special event photography doesn’t happen by accident. It requires top talent, the proper equipment and a plan for every program. According to our Director of Photography a tremendous amount of support is necessary to make sure our photographers are prepared and ready to perform at their high levels for each special event.

“A great event is all about the planning. The more details collected in advance, the more capable we are of delivering products and services surpassing our client’s wishes.”
– Paul

Celebrity appearances aren’t rare in Las Vegas, but they are once in a lifetime experiences for most visitors. This makes our work crucial as we send our city’s guests away with memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s a sitting head of state, Wall Street CEO or a world champion, we come prepared, with studio lights, professional equipment and an experienced eye. This is typically a weekly occurrence for our special event photographers.

“A client was concerned I might get starry-eyed or flustered with a celebrity I was going to be photographing. She didn’t know I had taken pictures of President Bush on three different occasions that year.”
– Chris



Experience matters in candid photography. Our photographers have years of special event photography experience. We have learned what to expect next at an awards presentation, cocktail reception, or break out session. There is no guess work and it shows in our work. High quality photography, every time. That’s the Cashman way.

In today’s world, an event almost doesn’t happen if the memory isn’t shared immediately. So we established a way to brand and deliver candid photography digitally, as quickly as the photos are taken. No other Las Vegas company has shown this ability.

“There is nothing like breaking the ice during a pre-function event, or capturing the instant when people come together and relationships are born. Those are the special moments of my week.”
– Devin


Cashman Photo is one of the few Las Vegas photography companies who regularly print photos as they are taken with a branded template. How important is the branded template? When Acme Corporation brings 5,000 of their best customers to Las Vegas, they don’t want those 5,000 people to leave with memories of Las Vegas. They want them to go home with memories of Acme Corporation in Las Vegas.

Cashman Photo makes this happen; for 100 people or thousands. In fact, we regularly print as many as 4,000 photos in dozens of stations in a matter of hours. No other company has the equipment and competent staff to accomplish this.

“I don’t just take a quick picture. I take great care to pose each and every individual or group.”
– Matt