Las Vegas Corporate Events Set to Boom

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Las Vegas Corporate Events Set to Boom


  • Mandalay Bay opened its expanded convention space this year.
  • T Mobile Arena held its grand opening to great fanfare.
  • Wynn Las Vegas announced plans to replace the golf course with convention space.
  • The Hard Rock Hotel recently held a Top Off party for their new convention space.
  • The Sands made news with its planned 17,000 seat arena.


Obviously the Las Vegas corporate events business is alive and well, but what’s telling about these new venues, and the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s services, is how these spaces are set up to adapt to the future.


Mandalay Bay’s Convention space is about as adaptable as convention space can be. Its far from the traditional banquet box.  It has electrical everywhere and the load in/out capabilities are fantastic. And it added a significant amount of covered parking near that end of the resort.  The flexibility of the area helps us better serve our clients.


With a name like T Mobile Arena, you might expect the building to be one giant hot spot, and that is pretty close to accurate. They’ve made cellular access easier inside the building than it is outside in the park.  And this includes non-T Mobile service.  Now we can instantly send imagery over the internet from almost anywhere in the venue.


Like T Mobile, you can expect the Wynn’s new convention space to be beautiful. After all, it’s going to overlook a lake.  The new proposed arena from the Sands keeps that company in the top five in the world when it comes to total convention square footage.


More corporate and special events are good for every Las Vegan. They bring an influx of visitors during times when tourism is usually very slow and they bring in corporate budgets during the week to augment the family vacation funds on the weekends.