Edgy and Cool Las Vegas Wedding Photography


When it comes to Las Vegas wedding photography it’s never easy choosing a photographer.  Every bride has different needs and wants, but its seems as though every Las Vegas bride wants something “cool”, “edgy” and “non-traditional.”  Yet, what is downright “boring” for you might be downright “hip” to someone else.


Here are a few ways to help sort out the “rad” from the “bad.”


You can help the process by providing inspiration.  Your Las Vegas wedding photographer needs an idea of what you think is fun.  Flip through your favorite wedding magazines and pull out all the images you like.  Then tell your photographer why you like them.  Half of “edgy” is composition; that is, how people and objects are placed in the photo.  Review the poses in the photos and make sure the photographer works with a shot list.


The other half of the cool Las Vegas wedding photography equation is usually accomplished after the picture is taken.  There are so many great treatments and effects a photographer has at his disposal.  Many of these actions are what modern Las Vegas brides are looking for.  The key is to look at the photographer’s work before and after special effects are added.  There is simply no replacement for quality photography and a sound starting point not only makes for a better end product, but allows you to do even more (or less) with the wedding photo in the future.


Finally, avoid the diva.  A wedding photographer should be able to capture your Las Vegas wedding the way you want to remember it.  You only get one take at your big day.  Make sure the photographers understand and are willing to shoot to your tastes, not their own.


Cashman Brothers Fine Photography makes a point of learning the details and personality of a Las Vegas bride and groom well before their wedding day.  We walk into each and every Las Vegas wedding with a written plan to ensure we capture every memory the way the bride and groom want it to be remembered.