Corporate Event Photography

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Corporate Event Photography


Nothing trumps leadership and experience. Perhaps that’s why Cashman Photo services more corporate event photography than any other photography company.

Las Vegas is the meetings and convention capital of the world and Cashman Photo shoots more special events in Las Vegas than anyone. It’s something we’ve been doing for almost fifty years, and we’ve become so proficient at it, we are considered an industry leader.


When we walk into a Las Vegas meeting space, chances are our photographers have shot there before. In fact, we have probably shot their on several occasions throughout the year.  We know what to expect, how to prepare for it and what equipment we might need.


Just ask Matt.


“The Grand Ballroom is darker than most other meeting spaces on the Strip, and I have to shoot farther away from the stage than any other room. Bit I know this in advance and come with all the proper equipment. There is no guessing.”


In the last few years portrait stations have grown in popularity. With LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media still growing we are having more clients asking for professional portraits to offer their 5,000 guests.  Our ability to create one or many mobile studios ensures we take perfectly lit, well posed headshots every time.  Our procedures enable our clients to deliver the imagery any way they like.  Some may want to make it instantly available to upload to social media.  Others may want a branded website where their guests can locate their photos.  Others want to email the photos to their clients themselves.  Our method makes it easy for our clients to identify each subject, instantly.  Heather and our other professionals find a lot of gratification in the process.

“I’m constantly amazed at how often we are taking someone’s first professional portrait. It’s both an honor and a challenge to capture their personality in a photograph.”


We shoot a lot of celebrities, too. A tremendous amount of movie stars, musicians, politicians and professional athletes. Celebrity appearances aren’t rare in Las Vegas, but they are once in a lifetime experiences for most visitors.  This makes our work crucial as we send your guests away with memories to last a lifetime.  Whether it’s a sitting head of state, Wall Street CEO or world champion, we come prepared, with studio lights, professional equipment and an experienced eye.

Chris has shot his fair share of celebrities.“A client was concerned I might get starry-eyed or flustered with a celebrity I was going to be photographing. She didn’t’ now I had taken pictures of President Bush on three different occasions that year.”


These are just a few of the reasons why more and more companies turn to Cashman Photo for their corporate event photography and other special occasions.